House of Le Roux

(Since 305-BC)

The history of the House of Le Roux was captured and recorded within the Family archives.

The Aristocracy of the House of Le Roux has a clear history since 305-BC and left deep foot prints throughtout the whole of Europe.

The bloodline of the House of Le Roux ruled Brittany till the late 1400's. After the civil war Brittany was incorporate into the Crown of France.


History Since 305BC

The House of Le Roux entered Western written history through the reports of the Roman military commanders and through the significunt role Rome played in Roman literature. The "Le Roux’s", as the Romans referred to them collectively, were a tribe of noble nomadic people.

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Le Roux Myth and Legend

After their spectacular performance at Hastings in 1066, the Alain Le Roux Breton knights of history had a few more minor military triumphs against the unsophisticated peasant armies of Scotland, Wales and Ireland and then faded into anonymity.

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House of Le Roux - today

The headship of the business operations of the family dynasty has changed in 2013. The family group was always managed as independent organizations and will remain as such.


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About Us


Dr. Allan Le Roux took over the headship of the business operations of the House of Le Roux dynasty in 2013 and under his leadership a new millennium has started in preparation to accommodate the growth of technology platforms worldwide within the family group of operations. The family group was always managed as independent organizations and will remain as such.
The family management team has extensive experience in international senior executive management, legal matters with cross-border litigation matters, international financial matters including the financial sector and operational matters. They also serve as executive officers of various multinationals and their principles are based on integrity, trust, honesty, accountability and compliance.


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    Consider each and every decision very carefully as that our decisions and choices we make today, affects our future and we will face the consequences of the decisions we made today, being good or bad, sometime in the future. 

    Updated: January 2017
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    Updated: January 2017


The House of Le Roux made alliances with other wealthy families in support of skills needed to ensure that a competent executive management team works to the benefit of all organizations within the family group.  These families have had associations with the family for many generations and have continued to support the family.




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Skills and experience on a multinational corporate executive level is of the utmost importance to ensure a competent decision making process to maximize on shareholder value.